Google Classroom for Students – Sign In or Sign Up Online Class

Google classroom

Many teachers are looking for tools and resources that can help them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teachers need to make sure that students know about the assignments and the work they are supposed to complete before exams. As a result, Google Classroom has solved the problems associated with classroom management. This article will throw … Read more

10 Best Free Blogging Sites for Showcasing Your Creativity for Free

10 Best Free Blogging Sites

Numerous sites provide endless opportunities for starting a blog due to the internet’s evolution. Still, it is always advisable not to spend a lot of money as a novice in the blogging domain. However, there are lots of free blogging sites available on the internet that help you overcome financial strains and create beautiful and … Read more

Exclusive Benefits of Attending CA Inter Mentoring program

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[lwptoc] Mentoring is an art to enhance a sense of stimulation & build learning inquisitive & effortless. It is an authentic bond between a mentor & mentee, which highly increases the mentee’s psychological, physical, and overall aptitude. What is leading in a Mentoring Program is the direction and proficiency of mentors trained in a specific … Read more

How to Overcome Your Stress At the Time of Semester Examination

How to overcome your stress at the time of semester examination

Fear, anxiety, and trepidation – (FAT) seems to be written large on the students when examinations are overhead. More so, when the students are already under tremendous stress. With the respective colleges that they had joined under Lockdown, to maintain social distancing due to the pandemic — Covid19, entire studies, globally, are being conducted online, … Read more

Best Characteristics of a Leader and Qualities of Good Leader

Leader chrachteristic

[lwptoc] There are many scholarly debates revolving around the characteristics of a leader. This article primarily focuses on the qualities of the leader. Let’s discuss one by one. Honesty and Integrity Whether you are a captain of a football team or you lead a team of individuals at your workplace, honesty means a lot. How … Read more

What is Leadership and Who is the Leader? Definition & Explanation

Leadership leading goals support start

[lwptoc title=”Table of Contents” float=”none”] There are many people who defined the word “Leadership”. Broadly, the person who motivates and inspires others is a leader. When it comes to effectiveness of a person who leads, it depends on ideas. The one who is leading communicates the idea to everyone in the team. Commanding people not … Read more

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